Meet Tony

Tony lives in Sandbanks on the stunning South Coast of England in the UK.

He’s been fascinated by what makes people tick for almost forty years. He’s a pioneer in the field of mental performance and knows with certainty that being clear minded and extraordinary are in our DNA.

He shares this knowledge with passion and is rewarded by the 'aha' moment of insight when clients make the connection between state of mind, performance and wellbeing. He knows that understanding how the mind works points the way forward for humanity.

Tony’s original fascination with human potential was first sparked in 1978 whilst studying martial arts and resulted in him achieving two first dan black belts.

He spent his younger years training to be a stuntman in areas such as skydiving, high board diving, gymnastics, trampolining, martial arts and stunt driving and draws on personal experience when sharing the impact of operating from a clear mind in high stake situations.

His clients include sports professionals, business leaders, sales teams, entrepreneurs, organisations and elite athletes.