“As a former Canadian Tour Player and having worked with many sports psychologists, I thought I had a pretty good idea about how the mind worked. Working with Tony has finally helped me to understand how the mind actually does work and as a result I’m playing my best golf in over twenty years, and having way more fun both on and off the course. His unorthodox, fun and relaxed approach really does get amazing results.

If you get the chance to work with Tony, I’d definitely encourage you to take the opportunity, you’ll be absolutely delighted you did.”

Robert Walton – PGA Professional – Former Canadian Tour Player


“Tony carried out his state of the mind training with my sales team in May 2015. I was apprehensive at first as this was certainly not the normal type of training for my guys. I have to say that the 2 day course was a breath of fresh air. Tony delivers the training in a relaxed atmosphere. The team hung on every word.

In terms of results, we are showing huge improvement with our sales performance, but more importantly, the team are able to deal with situations more effectively with a clearer mind.

I can’t thank Tony enough for not only delivering a great course, but also opening our minds to a new way of understanding…many thanks Tony..

We will certainly be using your services in the future…”

Mark Smith – UK Sales Manager, Hochiki Europe Ltd


“I found the training challenged the way we perceive our daily routine, it was enlightening and had a positive impact almost immediately. It would benefit any organisations staff, on a working and personal level, to strip back the way we think and understand what makes us tick.

Thoroughly recommended!”

Neil Eves –  Systems Manager


“Tony came to our offices to run “State of the mind training” for the sales team.  The objective was to gain an understanding in our behaviour and improve the way we think and to influence the sales decisions we make and to develop a stronger belief in making those decisions and to aid growth.

I have to say it was probably the most simplistic training I have ever had, but will be the most effective.  I am already using the methods to help me make decisions and improve my way of thinking (positively) not only in my role as a sales manager, but personally too.

I thoroughly enjoyed Tony’s style of training and would recommend to others without any doubt.”

Jayne Griffiths - Regional Sales Manager


“The course has made me realise how difficult we can make our lives if we want to, but also how easy it is to take positive from any situation when challenged.

Thank you.”

 Martin Green – Regional Sales Manager


“I came to Tony’s training wanting to deepen my understanding of the nature of thought, and how life really works and have come away with that and a lot more too!

I’ve experienced some wonderful changes during the 6 month training programme. After our second weekend, I was due to conduct a training session to a large audience (something that had previously filled me with dread!), I felt like a different person! No sleepless night before the event, no nerves on the day. I felt in control, relaxed and confident – Amazing.

In my day to day life I feel calmer, more content and ready to start the next adventure in my career.

I’d recommend Tony’s training to anyone and I feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of his programme and know anyone signing up will have a wonderful experience.


Amy Cutbill – Digital Marketing Manager


“Firstly, I cannot thank Tony enough for the time he has spent with me and the knowledge he has shared which has given me the ability to cope with the jumbled mindset a busy work and home life can lead to.

Tony brings an amazing feeling of calm to every coaching session leaving you feeling at ease and better prepared to soak up his unique teachings. Even a brief conversation with him will have you in a more positive frame of mind.

Tony’s method of un-training and re-programming the brain and de-cluttering the mind makes it so easy to fully understand where the human thought process comes from and how to engage with it at a conscious level preventing the sub-conscious taking over that process.

It sounded crazy to me at first and Tony is the first to refer to himself as “The crazy guy in the room” but when you get it...I mean really get it, you quickly realize he’s actually the sane one and the rest of us are crazy. We’ve been filling our minds for years with a fuzzy haze of tangled, torturous tales of what we believe is right and what we cling onto as important.

We often take great care of our bodies but rarely treat our minds in the same way. Treat yourself to an unwinding head spa with a Tony Broadbent mind massage. I promise you it will leave you feeling uplifted, more positive and with a strategy to cope with modern life.

If only they could teach this in schools before our children get weighed down with life’s emotional baggage. I”m confident we would see a hugely positive surge in both behaviour and results.

Thank you Tony”

Julian Bailey – Regional Sales Manager


“A+, very positive, to get rid of the white noise from communication and inside your head. To be more productive with your time to do business.”

Michael Reed - Regional Sales Manager


“Tony many thanks.

The course was an inspiration, a freeing of the mind flow which allowed clear mind set to problem solve, outstanding, inspiring, WOW, something everyone should experience.”

 Tony Obadipe – Regional Sales Manager


“I have benefited from Tony’s expertise both personally and professionally. Tony has a remarkable ability to generate tremendous results in a very unique way, with the individuals needs at the centre of everything he does.

You will not meet a more genuine person and if you want to start moving toward greater success, I have no hesitation in recommending Tony to both individuals and corporations.”

Damian Hall - Managing Director, Signpost 37 Ltd


“Since Tony has been sharing his wisdom with me, my approach to golf has dramatically shifted. Even though I don’t have time to play much at the moment, every time I go out I so enjoy the experience and play close to my handicap of five.

I so wish I had discovered this subtle but powerful understanding sooner – not only has it made such a big difference to my golf game but the same approach has had me be much more effective in other areas of my life too.”

David Bennett - Managing Director, ComTeam Ltd


“Tony is an outstanding and gifted coach. He combines a creative and results driven approach with a great ability to establish deep rapport. Tony did some coaching and hypnotherapy with me in 2011 and enabled me to gain a deep insight into myself very quickly, enabling me to come to a solution that had been on my mind for a while.

Working with Tony is fun. The twinkle in his eye belies the fact that working with him gets results. If you want a professional coach who has really invested in his own development and who you can trust, then I’d happily recommend Tony.”

Tony Moorcroft - Managing Director, Coast Consulting